The Time-Light Program: A New Spiritual Therapy

I'm Bryan Hubbard, a successful publisher and journalist – but for many years I had a secret. I suffered from frequent bouts of chronic depression.

Many people do, of course – and you may be among them. Or perhaps you often feel down or flat, or irritable, suffer mood swings – or just feel overwhelmed, and sometimes wonder ‘what’s the point’?

And, all the while, there's that niggling feeling.

Isn't life meant to be better than this, isn't there supposed to be more than just the nine-to-five?

There is – much, much more. But it took me a long time to get there.

What I discovered has been captured in the Time-Light programme.

The Time-Light programme is explained on the Find Out More page – but, in summary, I discovered:

  • Who ‘you’ actually are
  • Why we get depressed, anxious, irritable and are victims of all the other emotional upsets we suffer every day
  • Why patterns keep repeating in our lives
  • The true message of all the great religions
  • Why every therapy is incomplete.

Time-Light is a radical new way to understand your problems and how you get worn down by the day-to-day.

Time-Light is a book by philosopher Bryan Hubbard. It’s also a workbook and a series of audio programs.

It explains why you get anxious and depressed, how you develop addictions, and why patterns keep repeating themselves in your life.

The Time-Light model includes extraordinary breakthroughs in understanding who we are, and explains:

-- why you have become ‘time-heavy’.

The Time-Light program teaches you how can start reversing these problems, by becoming ‘time-light’ – just as you were when you were a small child - in a dynamic 21-day program.


More about Time-Light and the
ideas behind it...

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Bryan Hubbard explain the
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How you too could become

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